Kelly Handyside has been treating our family since 2010, and is integral part of our well-being. When our boys were younger, they would request to see “the lady with the healing hands.” Now they say, “Mom, I need to go see Kelly. My (……) is bothering me.” They ask to see her because they trust her and know that she can help their bodies to heal or to navigate the challenges they face. She has been instrumental in assisting them with their asthma, growing pains, allergies, and in the case of our oldest son, Post-Concussive Headache Syndrome from a soccer injury. Kelly has treated my husband for hip pain and the injuries that come along with being an athlete. I have benefitted from her care in addressing the aftermath of a traumatic c-section. Kelly’s approach is always gentle, respectful, and allows my body, not my opinion, to dictate what is needed. Sometimes what I think I need is not what I need most. I have learned to trust her expertise and have complete faith in her expertise for myself and for my family.

– The Flores Family

When I first saw Kelly in January 2019, I had never been to any type of therapy. Mental or physical. Honestly, I was only there because a friend practically booked the session for me after months of complaining of back, shoulder, and joint pain. Coming into Kelly’s office, I immediately felt at home and as if I had known her for years. She could sense where my troubles lied, and worked through issues I did not even have awareness of yet. Over our next five or so sessions, we continued to work through bodily traumas suffered through a car crash, relationship issues, and minor injuries sustained over a lifetime. There are so many amazing things Kelly provided me, but perhaps the most insightful were the connections between our body’s reactions to emotional events, how in-sync our whole system is, and what I could do outside of our time together to support the work we did. After just a year with Kelly, and I am happy to report my shoulder and back pain are minimal, my digestive system is in the best shape ever, I think I might have gotten taller (Hello, better posture!), and so much more in just getting to know Kelly!

– Bill LeAnnais

A friend suggested I see Kelly after I was hit by a car while walking across across a street. Kelly was one step ahead of my doctors with every treatment. “How did this get resolved so quickly?”, the docs and physical therapists would ask in astonishment. Now I am near a 100% but see Kelly monthly to treat the problems – big and small – that seem to come with aging. She is my superhero.

– Stephen D.

Caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable only begin to describe Kelly. As long-time clients, my family and I have benefited in so many ways from her remarkable talents for healing and teaching, constant quest for excellence, and deep compassion. We are forever grateful for Kelly’s life-changing impact on our family.

– Sherrie C.