September Newsletter

Hello everyone! It’s been a few months since I have published a newsletter, and the main reason is that I spent most of my summer months studying and preparing for my Visceral Manipulation Certification Exam. So I appreciate your patience. The good news is….

I passed my exam!!!! I am now a Certified Visceral Technique Practitioner (CVTP)!!!!!

I took my first Visceral Manipulation (VM) class 17 years ago. Afterwards, my mind was blown because the body became even more 3D under my hands. I could feel tensions deep inside the body that were connected to other structures, like a marionette doll’s strings being tangled. I could mobilize organs and begin to feel these physical restrictions relate to other structures in the body, like the musculoskeletal system, fascial systems, nervous system and vascular system. The body became more illuminated and structures more specific under my hands. Also in my first VM class I learned new evaluation tools called General Listening and Local Listening that became so invaluable to finding sources of issues in my patients with more precision. This has always been a focus of mine since I became a Manual Therapist; fine tune my “listening” hands so I can triangulate where a person is primarily struggling, find ways to help their bodies help themselves, and treat them less often as treatment specificity provides efficient healing. 

Fast forward 17 years later, and here we are…my hands have been certified! This is a wonderful feeling. And yet, I feel this is only the beginning. I have a plethora of anatomy to learn and fine tuning of my listening hands to explore. It is an awesome feeling for me to know that not only do I have enough inspiration to last me a lifetime, but you will receive benefits as well! 

Let’s go TEAM!!! 

As a thank you gift (if you will) for trusting me to provide you care, health and healing, I wanted to share a link to Mindful Exercises by Sean Fargo. These are guided exercises to help cultivate more awareness with  breathing, grounding, body scanning and more! I stumbled upon this link just recently, so I have only just begun exploring Sean’s program. The awesome thing is there are so many links here that are free! So have fun exploring and please share with me by commenting on this newsletter or emailing me what exercises worked for you and what insights have you gained. 

Peace & be well, Kelly 

4 thoughts on “September Newsletter

  1. Congratulations. And thanks for telling us about it. And for the Mindful Meditation. Wow! Looking forward to all it contains. Maybe not all but a lot of it. Again, Wow! Also thinking I could really benefit from treatments by you. Dick

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