April Newsletter

“People start to heal the moment they feel heard.” 

Many of you who have received treatment at NeuroLotus know that the first thing I do at the beginning of a treatment is “listen” to your body. In the Visceral Manipulation world we call our primary evaluation techniques “general & local listening.” These  “hands on” evaluation techniques allow us to find where then greatest restriction, dysfunction, and struggles are in your body. We say the body “hugs the lesion.” Just like when you are scrambling to find your car keys as your going to be late for an appointment, running too fast around the house, and then you slam your elbow into the wall. Not so funny, eh? But what happens next is you grab the elbow with other hand, because it hurts. The “body hugs the lesion.” Our body does the same thing internally as well. When we have an injury, emotional upset, inflammation, the body hugs it. Therefore, creating tightness, adhesions, and dysfunctions. Imagine yourself made up of many layers of a fine knit sweater, and as you move through life your sweater starts to gain snags. This is what I am listening for… your snags. These snags in your body can create compensation in mobility and function, and therefore create symptoms.

 So what are symptoms? Symptoms are the body’s way of telling us there is something wrong. With Visceral Manipulation we are more concerned with finding the source than with treating symptoms. Symptoms may be far away from the original source (or snag if you will). That is why we take the time to listen, triangulate the source, and then work with the source, and eventually the symptoms begin to subside.

Listening with my hands is the best way I know how to work with the body. Our bodies have history of experiences, and no one is alike. This is why I take time to evaluate and listen to you. 

I offer you a challenge: Take time to listen. Even if it is with your ears, or your eyes, or your hands. Allow preconceived notions to fall away, just be, and feel what you hear. Then share your experience with me. 

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