March Newsletter

It’s been a particularly busy and stressful month for me and my family. But as we have been navigating through the stress, we are finding new tools to add to our tool box, along with using the tools we already have. One of those new tools I wanted to share with you is about breath. I have been listening to videos of Dr. Andrew Huberman, who is a research neuroscientist at Stanford University. I wanted to share a breath technique that Dr. Huberman has researched and studied, and this breath has been fun for me and my family to explore as well. 

This breath exercise is great anytime, but mostly beneficial when you are experiencing intense stress and anxiety. Any breath exercise that has you concentrate on a rhythm of breathing is wonderful way to bring your body and mind back into focus.

2 In 1 Out Breathing Exercise

  • Inhale 2 breaths in through nose
  • Exhale 1 breath out through mouth
  • Repeat 5-10 times to begin, then increase repetitions when you feel your body ready. 

Here is a video of Dr. Huberman explaining more about this breath sequence and why it so beneficial for us. Enjoy! 

As always, please let me know what you think/ feel about this technique. 

Peace & be well,


2 thoughts on “March Newsletter

  1. Thanks, Kelly Interesting. Giving it a try. In watching the video he says this is how we breathe when asleep. I sleep with a CPAP mask and supposedly only breathe thru the nose. At least when I’m awake. Maybe asleep it’s different?

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