January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

I am wishing and hoping that you and your loved ones had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. By popular demand I am sending a revised video of the Basic Vagal Exercise. And for those of you who do not know about this vagal exercise, let me take a moment to share. It is wonderful way to relax and dial down your central nervous system, even your peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. This exercise only takes about 3 minutes, and you can do this as often as needed. 

Other benefits by doing the Basic Vagal Exercise;

  • Relaxation 
  • De-stress and reduce anxiety
  • Increase the ability to breathe deeper and better
  • Promote better circulation
  • Relieve digestive issues
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce aches & pains
  • Feel better emotionally & mentally
  • AND MORE….

I look forward to hearing from you, or even seeing you at the clinic in the New year. And if we don’t see you in the near future, please now we are hoping you are doing well and staying safe. 



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