December Newsletter

The Heart Of It All

This month I thought I would share another exercise to help you relax and unwind physically, mentally and emotionally. The exercise is called the Cardiac Plexus Technique, and it is intended to help connect and down regulate (rebalance) the cardiac plexus (around your heart). When this plexus is imbalanced and hyperactive, it can discharge that imbalance to the musculoskeletal, craniosacral, and visceral systems. There are quite a few nerves that travel from your brain (the one many of you know, the vagal nerve!), your cervical area (neck), and even the thoracic area (rib cage), down towards the heart.  So if you are experiencing neck and upper back shoulder pain for example, the nerves that surround the heart, also known as the plexuses, could be out of balance creating dysfunction. 

Let’s take a look at this nerve bundle a little more closely. Above is a drawing of the cardiac region, and you can see in yellow the lines that represent the nervous system that surround the heart. The cardiac plexus is mainly situated behind the red tube called the aorta. But as you can see here, there is a tremendous network nerves meandering in and around these structures. Pretty amazing, right?

Now I invite you to enjoy this quick video demonstration about how to balance your cardiac plexus, as well as connect the cardiac plexus to your brain. 

It is always to a pleasure to help and assist you on this healing journey called life. I am here for you when you need. And just so you know, the clinic still continues to take Covid-19 very seriously, and we continue to screen and practice safely. Because of that, we are staying healthy. If you have experienced this virus, we urge to contact us once you have been cleared by your doctors. This means you have tested negative post illness. Time will help us understand how the virus may have long lasting effects on the body. But what we do know now from even the Long Haulers, is that the vascular system and organs can be greatly compromised! If you are receiving this email and have been treated here at the clinic, you are already way ahead of the curve and know there is help that can respectively and safely assist your body to heal and function better. 

Peace & Love to your family this holiday season. And with patience and acceptance, we will slowly find a better way of living together. 


2 thoughts on “December Newsletter

  1. Thanks, Kelly, and a blessed and healthy Christmas Time to you. I look forward to regularly using the heart plexus exercise. Dick

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  2. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate these newsletters. I hope you’re getting positive feedback and it does takesome time to build up your base and get responses sometimes. Also my shoulder and chest area are pain-free this morning, I so appreciate you, and you just can’t imagine what a life-changing event it has to move into the “recovery” category, it has changed my life and outlook! I intend to use it wisely!


    Kate sent from her iPhone



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