November Newsletter

Happy Fall Everyone! 

Last month there was an extraordinary response from many of you about how much you enjoyed the Basic Vagal Exercise. And many of you whom I worked with this past month shared you have been practicing this exercise and experiencing amazing results! Together we experienced your body making incredible changes just because of a simple exercise that takes only 3 minutes. That is incredible!  So this month I felt we should continue our self help quest for a better, more relaxed, healthy functioning body. 

In the following videos my colleague Adam Pruchnicki will demonstrate 2 more techniques to add your self-help tool box. The 1st exercise is Neuro-Fascial Release. Please be light with your touch! We do not need to use heavy crushing pressure for your body’s tissues to release. Plus, we do not want to squash nerves, arteries and veins that may already be squashed. The 2nd video will demonstrate the Half Salamander Exercise which takes the Basic Vagal Exercise to next level. So if you haven’t watched, tried and experienced this amazing self help technique, please go to the October Newsletter to view this video.  

Neuro-Fascial Technique 

Please stay light with your touch. You will feel the release and be effective, don’t worry! 

Benefits of this exercise;

  • Relief of headaches
  • Relief of neck pain
  • Release of facial and jaw tension
  • Increased focus

Half Salamander Exercise

Benefits of this exercise:

  • Calm your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight)
  • Increase circulation
  • Release tension throughout the entire body
  • Calm your autonomic nervous system (digestive system)
  • Release pain/ joint pain. 

I hope you enjoyed these self help techniques. Please practice as often as you would like, and practice daily. As always, share your experiences. I enjoy reading and hearing from you. 

Peace & be well, Kelly

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