May Newsletter

“Movement is the key to life.” -Ola Grimsby

It is the morning of May 1st, and I am so happy to see the sun shining and nature springing into action! My yard hasn’t looked as immaculate as it has this Spring. I find myself digging in the dirt and feeling the earth between my hands, tracing the root systems, talking and asking the vegetation around me how I can help? It is incredibly grounding! And well, if I can’t work with my patients currently, why not keep my hands in practice this way?  So when we are able to work with each other again, I may be releasing and pruning your root systems, helping you grow and blossom rather than your restricted visceral, vascular neural, facial systems. Ha! Just kidding! 

I have been meditating about the myriad possibilities of how this time in our lives will be effecting our bodies. And because we are all individuals with individual experiences and backgrounds, the possibilities are endless! As many of you know because you have worked with me long enough, our mental and emotional states can effect our physical functions, also visa versa. Jean Pierre Barral, the French Osteopath I study with says, “The body hugs the lesion (lesion meaning tension and restriction).” We have all experienced racing around our house trying to find something at the last minute and then we smack our elbow hard on some inanimate object. Ouch! The first thing we do is grab our elbow with the other hand, hugging what what we hurt. In other words, we are hugging our lesion. This happens many times a day on a conscious and unconscious level. Even on an emotional and mental level as well! Our body knows that, “An organ in good health has good physiological motion.” So our body tries to hug a lesion, get your attention, so that you can help it restore function and health. We have said many times, “My back is tight, my shoulder has a kink, my knee has pain…” etc. Theses are ways your body is giving us messages so you can try and do something about it. 

Are you listening to the messages your body is giving? And what are you doing about it? 

Last month I suggested to you that breathing is one helpful and very beneficial way we can help ourselves right now. And if you are practicing breathing already, kudos to you! Keep going! 

Now it is time to add more movement. Because in my line of work we quote an amazing Manual Therapist, Ola Grimsby who says,  “Movement is the key to life.” So let’s get moving! 

What are you doing to move each day? Are you gardening, taking walks, running up and down your stairs, using the yoga app you downloaded a year ago? I want to hear from you, so please share with me what you are doing to keep yourself moving by emailing me at;

I also would like if you could share some ideas that you would like for me to share with you. For example: I can lead you through a gentle way of calming down your abdomen via video presentation (that would be on my website and free access to you at anytime). This way you can have a gentle guide of where to place your hands and how to breathe through such exercises. Let me know any other requests you may have. 

Let’s get though May everyone! I know it is challenging at times, but we can we can keep trying while staying safe. 

Peace and be well,